Masters, please update your active accounts

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Reflecting on last season, one big speed bump the coaching staff ran into was incomplete information or non-existence of your Active accounts. We use this information to find your email addresses, birth dates for regatta signups etc. Your information is not shared or posted anywhere and is used by WRA staff only.
**We need ALL ROWERS, EVEN DROP-INS to create or update their account. If you do not have an account, click here to create one and make sure to fill in all of the fields. For some reason we cannot use Active with the internet browser google chrome but does on internet explorer (to download internet explorer click here.).  If you have another browser, feel free to use it, but if you are having trouble, please use internet explorer. Please login and update all of the fields making certain that these ones are updated especially:

1.) First and last name
2.) Birth dates!!
3.) Emergency contacts
4.) The email in which you would like us to communicate with you! (disclaimer, if you have emailed us from multiple email addresses, and they are attached to threads, we may reply or email those, but please update the one online so in the case of us needing to look it up, and send you something specific, that the one provided will indeed contact you.)

I appreciate all of your diligence in reading and acting on the necessary requests.  Getting these things done is not only extremely helpful to the WRA staff, it directly effects how smoothly your events, practices, regattas and daily experiences at the boathouse. Please talk with and remind each other in order to get things rolling!