Calling All Coxswains

The position of coxswain is a unique and important one that most people outside of the sport don’t even know exists. The coxswain steers and commands the crew during practice and on race day.  If you are a good multi-tasker, a quick decision maker, and savvy leader, or if you want to work on those traits, coxing could be for you!

Coxswain Resources


Dot Nichols, an experienced coxswain at WRA, describes her experience:

I began my WRA experience as a rower and loved it from the start; the precise movement of the oars and necessary body control, the tranquility and beauty of the boat on the water, the friendships and group dynamics and of course the healthy activity were addictive.

We rowed at 5:30 in the morning at that time, and that was exhilarating and cool.  Early that  year I found myself looking forward to my turn to cox.

I enjoyed the challenge of steering, docking and maneuvering through what ever our boat encountered.  The cox of a boat is the technical, strategic and emotional leader of the team.

The job requires confidence, a willingness to learn, a calm disposition and a bright mind.

The gratitude of the crew and the joy of meeting the challenge as best I can will keep me motivated as a WRA cox.

My goal future goals include finding a coxswain mentor, become better trained and developing a strong WRA coxing program.