Repair Form

You just got home from a great row out on the water but as soon as you walked in the door you remember that you forgot to report the loose foot stretcher or broken speaker in the boat. Not to worry! You can now report damage or boats in need of repair online! Please use this form: WRA Repair/Damage Form to help us keep on ... More

Whatcom Blade Newsletter

Our most recent newsletter, covering: New Boat Member Profiles And more ! Whatcom Blade August 2017 More


WRA 2017 Masters Rowing AM, PM,  Learn to Row, Intermediate Rowing Session #1 classes are now posted on the website. Recently added was the Learn to Row Session #2. Please take the time to sign up and join us for a fantastic 2017! More

Whatcom Blade Newsletter

Our most recent newsletter, covering: WRA History Building of the Boathouse And more ! Newsletter Whatcom Blade 2016-Dec More

Bring your dusty dumbbells!

Do you or a friend happen to have some neglected exercise equipment sitting at home? Does it stare at you, just begging for some attention? Bring those dusty dumbbells to the WRA boathouse where they can get a whole lot of love from the team (including YOU) during our winter training sessions! Dumbbells, barbells, yoga ... More

Shop on Amazon? Replace your old bookmark with this link and WRA gets .5% of each purchase!! Spread the word! Change your amazon links on all of your devices! This link costs the buyer nothing extra, but if you shop from it, .5% of all purchases go to WRA!! How cool!! Free money for WRA while you shop! Email this to your friends and family if you are comfortable, and share on social ... More

Masters, please update your active accounts

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Reflecting on last season, one big speed bump the coaching staff ran into was incomplete information or non-existence of your Active accounts. We use this information to find your email addresses, birth dates for regatta signups etc. Your information is not shared or posted ... More


It’s that time of year again.  Your membership is due January 1st.  Early payment will help us kick the year off financially secure before classes begin in February.  You will notice lots of boat repairs have been made and a new set (8) of C2 sweep oars has been purchased.  At our third annual breakfast benefit on ... More


On nice winter days, Masters members can self organize and take out a boat. It is REQUIRED that a safety launch accompany the crew along with the appropriate number of life jackets and space blankets. This does not have to be a coaching launch and it does not have to be a WRA launch. If you would like to use the WRA ... More

WRA Mailing Address:

Please send mail to our PO Box: WRA PO Box 1163 Bellingham, Wa 98227 More