About Rowing

So you’re looking to get involved in rowing, you want to know a little bit about it?
Or maybe you’re just trying to freshen up your knowledge.


Well – we’ve got some information for you to check out.


We can tell you what to wear.    WHAT TO WEAR


And we have all kinds of  safety guidelines.  Please take a look at these before you got out and row.    SAFETY GUIDELINES 


                                We’ve also got lots and lots of terminology  that could get overwhelming.   TERMINOLOGY 


Plus, there are those cox’ns. What are they? What in the heck are they saying?

And for that matter, you’ve just been told that YOU are  coxswain of the day!!!  Now what?

Well, we’ve got all that info too.

What is a COXWAIN?

What to Expect From Your Coxswain

What if YOU are Coxswain? 


And finally, since you are coming to row with us (WRA) you do need to know our own club practices and rules and you bet, we’ve got pages for that.  CLUB PRACTICES AND RULES 



So come on!!! Look through it all. You can take it in in bite sized pieces, no need to do it all at once.